What I Know to Be True: Six Simple Words to Set You Free

What I Know to Be True is a book, a practice, a way of life. In its simplest form, it is a simple 6-step tool or technique that cuts through the layers of emotion, ego thoughts and old patterns and beliefs to tap into the essence of who we really are. Instead of focusing on “how” or “why” (“out there” stories that we tell ourselves are true) or being driven by our negative emotions, it acts as a direct short cut to Source, consciousness, or what we’re calling Truth, your Truth (“in here” knowledge).

With practice and repetition, and as your practice deepens, you will find more and more that you are living your life effortlessly from a clear, true place of heart wisdom, the only place that matters if we REALLY want to change our experience of being alive. The result? A happier, more peaceful you, who can tap into calm weather even in the face of major storms.