The Sound of Silence

My brother-in-law lives in an old Quaker meetinghouse in the heart of the English countryside, so yesterday I decided to attend a meeting for the first time. I was struck by the simplicity of the gathering – really more like a meditation. I believe it differs from meditation in its group vs individual energy of connection. The meetings are considered a place for connection to each other, one’s inner truth and integrity, love and compassion for your fellow people and a place to connect with God in silence and quiet. During the hour of silence, 2 or 3 people shared a short reading or reflection. There was no discussion of what was shared – it was just a place to “be” with what was shared and for each person to take away whatever resonated. I was struck by the energy of the love that I felt in this shared place of reflection, much as I do when meditating in a group. I was also struck by some of the words that were shared – “a softening of ourselves, a blending, a contrast between light and dark, silence and sound, the release and acceptance of ourselves as we are IN THE PRESENT, not as we were or as we will be. The invitation was offered to allow the experience to unfold in the silence, without analysis.

I couldn’t ignore the similarity to What I Know to Be True’s invitation to cultivate awareness through mindfulness and meditation, by tapping into a deeper connection with ourselves and the universe at large, listening for that inner wisdom in the silence.   ~Caroline