Black Tux with White Sneakers

My father wore white sneakers with his black tux to my sister’s wedding. They were brand new, bright white sparkling clean sneakers, but they were sneakers. And he looked great. He was teaching us, as he often did through example, that we should always be our own person. “You’re the only one who has to put your head on the pillow each night,” he would say. Such great advice, so hard to follow! We are so conditioned to live by the precepts of others. What to do, what to wear, what to say, how to behave. Wouldn’t it be such a relief if we were able to stop worrying about what others think, stop trying so hard to change ourselves in order to gain acceptance, and start living as who we really are?!

This morning, rather than attend to the very lengthy to-do list that calls to me each day, my husband and I went for a roller-blade at the beach. In the past I would have first addressed those things that I “should do” before allowing myself to do something for the sheer pleasure of it.

Today, the weather was clear and cool, the water calm and sparkling, and spending time with my husband while exercising and stimulating my energy flow started the day off perfectly. Now, back at my desk, I am able to focus on the “have-to’s” effortlessly.

[While we were out my husband found a $10 bill in the grass. It’s the small miracles that happen when we allow ourselves to step out of our boundaries and explore.]

Don’t you just feel better when you follow your own way of Being? Try it. A little each day. Find one little thing where you can rebel against the norm – not in a way that is inconsiderate to yourself or others of course – but one little thing that you can adjust in your daily life which better reflects who you are.

Tune into something that you continue to do by habit because your mother taught you to do it that way, your peers expected it of you, your work place dictated it to you. Find that one little thing and shift it. The next week find one other little thing and shift that. Before you know it you’ll be shifting more effortlessly into a way of being that expresses the true you, the you whose heart sings, not the you who has learned how to get along in this world by fulfilling the expectations of others.

Wouldn’t it be a most fabulous world if everyone could express themselves in a way that honored their true selves and we could each appreciate that true self for who they/we are, not who we think they/we should be.

The practice of What I Know to Be True helps you confirm and nourish your inner power so you can live without the approval or blessing of another. Embrace your True self each and every day. Honor and express your own Truth each and every day. You will transform!  ~Lisa