Whose Life are We Living?

We spend the first half of our lives being indoctrinated into a way of being - how to think, behave, fit in. We then spend the second half of our lives living with the consequences of following the crowd. From the time we are infants we are receiving input from our parents and caregivers about our safety, our self-worth, our emotional peace. And while this is not about placing blame or shirking one's own responsibility for becoming our own person, it is about creating a keen awareness of when we are making decisions or living our lives based on outside influences.

Do we unconsciously behave in a way intended to make us feel superior, win approval, or conversely to rebel against the norm? Do we unconsciously dress, work, play, based upon an image of a life defined by the commercial advertising world?

Our health may be compromised as we try to live a life defined by others. Our emotional state of well being may be riddled with anxiety based on not living up to the expectations of others.

Isn’t it time to step into who we really are and do it now?! Pay attention to the decision or action of the moment. Does it make you feel better? Is that better feeling based upon what others think? Or is that better feeling based upon an inner alignment that tells you all is right with the world?

It may be hard to differentiate at first. The feeling inside of you that can only be defined by yourself and not by others has so long been hidden away that it’s often unrecognizable. As with all progress it begins with incremental steps. Just notice. The more you notice the more you will start to tap in to the true origin of the feeling.

Using the words What I Know to Be True will allow you to tap into that place more and more easily to determine if you are in alignment with your own Truth. Practice. Practice. Practice. Each and every time you catch yourself reacting, deciding, behaving by default, you will be that much closer to living the life that is yours and yours alone.