The "new" recipe

The “new recipe” that we are being asked and guided to use in these times has a different set of ingredients from those that worked in the past.  Incorporating these into transforming the struggles of our lives is so important, as the energetic shift occurs from the paradigm of past centuries to the rising energy of the feminine.  Some of the key ingredients for us to be aware of during this time of shift – of birthing – are the feminine energetic characteristics of

  • Nurture of ourselves - and others
  • the energy of love,
  • heart-centeredness,
  • open heartedness,
  • connectivity,
  • presence,
  • intuition,
  • creativity,
  • gratitude,
  • letting go of control,
  • speaking our truth despite what others think,
  • body work and nurturing the physical self with food and exercise,
  • nurturing the soul,
  • taking quiet time in which to listen,
  • increased “being” and less “doing”
  • allowing feelings to surface,
  • giving more weight to the internal self vs the external demands of money, possessions and power,
  • passion
  • trust

and more.  I have heard from my clients, my friends (and experienced it myself) about powerful emotions that are arising right now.   They can be so challenging to cope with; the shifts of mood that sometimes seem so extreme.  I know nothing about astrology, except to know that the astrological energy shifts that are occurring at this time are affecting many of us in different ways.  It seems that we are being asked to allow our feelings to show themselves, rather than always using the mind to justify and explain.  This shift to a more "feeling" state, although uncomfortable for many, helps us to flow with, rather than against, this natural shift in the universe.  Gently say goodbye to fear since it serves only to close our hearts and limit us in every way.   Answer the call to awaken with awareness and trust that we are all being guided, and move through the contraction.

Remember, birth is a series of contractions and expansion, so honor yourself with compassion if your birthing process appears challenging and painful from time to time. We don't need to understand "why," we just need to allow it to unfold.  Move with the rhythm of your contractions, rather than fighting them.  Pause and rest in the spaces inbetween.  Anyone who has given birth knows what I mean.  Allow the feelings to arise, name them, breathe into them and ask them to move through you for your highest healing.  Move with the shift, not against it.

What are you noticing about yourself and others at this time?  We would love to hear about your experiences!