Take a look inside

How many times have you heard phrases like “the answers lie within” or been guided to “listen to your inner wisdom?” Yet we continue to seek those answers outside ourselves, time and time again, projecting our intolerable feelings onto others, blaming and acting out those emotions we think we can’t handle. I did just that this week, taking out my own uncomfortable feelings on my poor husband, until - thank goodness – I eventually realized what I was doing, paused and changed direction (but not until after I had caused some damage!) In the moment of being triggered, it’s counterintuitive to turn towards the painful feelings – after all, we want to get away from them and give them to someone else! The paradox is that, by turning towards them within us and acknowledging their existence with compassion, we are able to find relief. It is not WHAT happens to us, but rather how we RESPOND to what happens, that determines our experiences. How cool! We are actually in charge of creating an easier experience or relationship! I also think about the numerous times my darling mother would say “live for today and tomorrow will take care of itself.” Isn’t that the same as saying “be present” and “trust” that the rest will unfold? She was wise. It’s simple, yet we make it so very complicated with our desire to control every outcome. She would also say, “treat others as you would want them to treat you.” Again, isn’t this the practice of compassion and kindness? Simple, simple, simple (but, as we say in our book, What I Know to Be True, not easy.)

And it all begins with an awareness that we’re straying, made clear by the icky feelings we get when do so, followed by that magical “pause” before turning inward, with compassion for ourselves and others, and making the necessary changes – in our words, actions or deeds. And if the feelings are just too painful, we can use images or imagery to just “be,” ground ourselves and breathe through the moment. It will pass.

Take a look, won’t you? Wishing you a wonderful week, from my heart to yours.

~ Caroline ~