Going with the Flow: The art of Living & Loving

Caroline and I had lunch one day as we often do on Tuesdays when she is at her office in Norwalk. At one point she shared how grateful she is to have a circle of friends who don’t take offense easily and who can go with the flow. It had been a weekend where plans were somewhat fluid and having the ability to stop in and visit at leisure or confirm plans at the last minute simply made life easier. Such a wonderful reminder that we tend to make life harder when we have expectations, take things personally, or stay too rigid in the patterns that we love - or at least have learned to be comfortable in. Resentment or hurt feelings based on unrealized expectations can affect a friendship. If we carry around a perceived personal insult the relationship is marginalized. When we feel that a friend didn’t conform to our schedule the irritation can take hold and fester.

Imagine letting go of all that wasted energy. Energy spent on wishing things would be different, taking things so personally, analyzing every nuance of a conversation. Imagine if the energy instead was spent living and loving.

So let’s start by recognizing when we are taking something personally. Stop and ask why that is the case. Is it truly that the other person acted out of dislike or disrespect? Could it be that there were other factors in play? Wouldn’t it be helpful to find out before fostering that personal injury?

Move the energy into recognizing that a friend might just have had a more pressing need, even if the need was for them to just be still. Move the energy into appreciating that our own need can not outweigh the need of our friend. Move the energy into just letting things be.

What I Know to Be True is that when we honor our friends and allow them the space just to be, we release the binds of obligation, the need to deliver, or the requirement to explain or apologize. We can then just live and love.