The miracle of your body

I finally get it – my body is my best and most loyal friend! It’s there for me day in, day out, heart beating and lungs breathing, giving me the gift of life, to do with as I will. It occasionally reminds me that it is there, and that I need it, when it tires of the judgment I bestow upon it or the abuse I hurl at it, verbally or otherwise. I have been known to feed it foods that bother it, to name it as “too this or too that” (usually derogatory remarks); when I look at it in the mirror it is often with a critical eye. Sadly, I have been lacking in gratitude for all it does for me.  But however I treat it, my breath keeps coming and going steadily. This realization has revealed the truth of my body and changed my feelings about it! That it can be trusted, that without it I would not have life. I have shifted my relationship with my body to one of gratitude beyond measure, kindness and gentleness – and it is responding back to me in kind. I am noticing when it is hungry, or a little under the weather, or in pain, or tired. I am paying attention to my best friend, with loving kindness. I am noticing when I feel less than kind, and softening my response to myself.

Take a moment and try shifting your response to your body. Just notice your self-judgment for an hour, a day, a week, and see how you treat your body. Then smile at it as if it were your very best, most loved, friend, and see how you feel. Take a moment in silence watching the coming and going of your breath, in and out. What I Know to Be True is that that is truly a miracle!

- Caroline