A Snapshot in time from 39,000 feet

As I write this blog, I am at 39,000 feet, at best guess somewhere above Arkansas or Tennessee. My weekend away is over, I have finished my book, and I find myself pensively sitting back and looking out of the window. It’s a clear, sunny day, and a smooth ride and the word that comes to mind is “awe.” I am filled with wonder and I notice myself smiling. I am “mindful” as opposed to “mind-full”. The details of the landscape below are crystal clear in their beauty – incredible patterns and artistic patterns. A patchwork quilt of shapes, colors and contrasts – rivers and fields, dark and light, open land and forest. The rivers create designs that remind me of pictures I have seen of the neurons in our brains. There are straight lines and curvy lines, points of brilliant light where the sun hits a building or two while others remain in the shadow of one or two small puffy clouds. Filled with complexity, contrast, light and dark, yet completely “perfect” from my perspective at 39,000 feet. From up here, I can see the connection between everything. I have a sense of weightlessness and timelessness as I remember my own childhood excitement of first plane trips. “Magic,” I thought – and this morning is just that for me. I am fully present, relaxed and feeling the joy of being alive in this moment.

Living and working towards being more in my Truth has tapped me into the ability to fully feel the awe of my life, at this moment. It’s perfect just the way it is – filled with a complexity of experiences and emotions, the peace I feel now contrasted with the sadness of a few hours ago when I said goodbye to my son as he sets off on an adventure of his own, filled to the brim with both uncertainty AND possibility. There’s also some melancholy that a weekend much anticipated and looked forward to is now over – and yes, I am still filled with wonder at THIS very moment as a soar at 39,000 feet. This, I realize, is the richness and complexity of being alive, every minute of it!

With gratitude for my life’s experiences, each one of which has brought me to today,

- Caroline