Bus Driver or Tour Guide?

When you find yourself on a new path, perhaps a detour from your normal routine, and you’ve come upon a place in your life you could have never imagined, nor, perhaps, one that you’d never have chosen for yourself, to what do you attribute this unexpected situation?

This is something I often ponder as I travel through my days, as I discovering new trails to investigate; new people to meet; new territory to explore.  What I almost always come away with is a renewed outlook on life, which, if it feels right, I incorporate into my life’s path.  And with these lessons I continue to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Thus is the case when I met Tracy LaCroix in Cape Charles, VA last year. Hearing of his near-death experience eleven months prior to our meeting stirred within me a renewed interest in all things spiritual.  And out of that has grown not only a new book, but a new part of CJ; one that is more aware of the Universe and all that it has to offer – in this realm and any other that might exist.

Discussing this with the interim Rabbi at my synagogue recently, I mentioned to him the Hebrew phrase, “hashgacha pratit” which translates to “divine intervention”; all that happens is “as it is, as it shall be, as it should be”.  And I added to the topic the fact that when I had met Tracy LaCroix, I firmly believed it was not an accident nor mere coincidence.  Therefore, I assumed, this must be a case of divine intervention.

Well, Rabbi’s take on that was quite an eye-opener for me.  He stated that if we are to believe in hashgacha pratit as God’s way of watching over us, we then must state that He is responsible for every action, every move, every incident that happens to us throughout our lives.  And, Rabbi continued, that would make Him our bus driver leading us down our paths.

That gave me pause for thought, for part of Tracy LaCroix’s message – and one that I  firmly believe – is that God is a God of choice.  He might take us to certain points in our lives, but it is up to us to do whatever we wish with those circumstances.

With that assessment Rabbi totally agreed.  And he did so by stating that we might then think of God as our tour guide rather than the bus driver.  He took me to Tracy LaCroix, but He also showed me the ice cream shop next door to the hotel where I met Tracy.  It was my decision, and mine alone, to choose to listen to Tracy tell me of his extraordinary journey rather go get a rum raisin ice cream cone.

I like that.

I like the idea that God – or whatever higher spirit one believes in – is our tour guide.  It gives me the power over my own choices; the power to choose good over evil; the power to choose to help rather than harm; the power to believe as I believe for my own well being; and the power to choose joy over anger.

How about your God or higher power?  Is He your bus driver? Or is He your tour guide?

Guest blogger, author and motivational speaker CJ Golden has brought us the extraordinary journey of near-death experiencer Tracy LaCroix in her latest book, “Reflections from Beyond.”

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