It's the Love and Light That Counts

It’s the Holiday Season: a time when preparation creates a busyness in us that feels like a relentless buzzing bee. Have you noticed that?

Let’s quit: let go of striving for perfection. If the candles aren’t the right blue or green, let’s shrug our shoulders and honor our intention. If a wing on one of our favorite angels is lopsided, since when is a lopsided angel less beautiful? (Come to think of it we are all lopsided angels, so it works fine.)

Having snatched up a wreath for my door on my way out of the super market, I discovered when I hung it that there was no red ribbon on the wreath. OK. It had some red berries on it so I hadn’t gone completely off the rails, but I’ve always have a red bow on my wreath! I thought about chasing one down and then decided to just get over it. A friend, who came by the other day, said, “I love your wreath; it smells so good! I muttered something about “no red ribbon,” and she exclaimed. “It’s so natural! You don’t need a red bow.”

Right. Breathe in and out.

We are all operating from longer, more complicated lists. Let’s find more ways to allow others to help. Thirteen of my family spend Christmas Day at my daughter’s house. This year Taylor sent an unprecedented email entitled, Christmas Chores, in which we were each given an assignment. Everyone weighed in with enthusiasm.

 Instead of moaning about it, let’s relax, breathe and smile at the people in the check-out lines and in the slow-moving traffic, acknowledging that all of us are in the same boat: A boat piled high with errands, but a boat aimed directly toward a celebration of love and light. 

 And we all know that it is the love and light that counts.


Love in a manger

Happy Holidays to you all!


Happy Holidays to the readers of this blog who live in in other countries. I am grateful to you. May your New Year be filled with Peace and Joy.

In no particular order, these are the foreign countries that generally show up in my stats:

Germany, United Kingdom, France, Ukraine, Canada, Indonesia, Netherlands, Taiwan, China, Israel, Jordan, and Italy and Japan.