Not a dry eye in the place.....

I recently spent the weekend with an incredible group of young people, (one of whom just happens to be my son, Chris!) He, Zack, Sean and Hannah have just set off from LA on a refurbished school bus, taking their film, Into Poverty – Living on One, on tour to 25 schools and universities between now and December (including a stop in CT on October 21st, open to the public!) Our weekend together marked the culmination of 2 years work putting together a 55 minute documentary showing 2 parallel stories – those of 4 carefree, idealistic college kids who set off to simulate poverty by living on $1 a day each for 56 days, and the lives of the villages they came to know and love. As I proudly watched the movie, I noticed that there was not a dry eye in the place. It seemed as if everyone was truly present.

The film is about far more than the fearless, anything-is-possible energy of the kids. It shows what compassion and passion can do to a person and those they touch. It shows the joy – yes, joy – in the hearts of those whose financial concerns are uppermost in their minds at all times, as they struggle for survival, not knowing how they will pay for food for their babies. It’s a film about connection and courage, gratitude, joy and pain, hunger and appreciation, depression and longing. It’s a story about shared humanity – and a few incredible kids whose hearts are sometimes bigger than their heads. Maternal bias notwithstanding, it’s worth seeing!

This is the difference that each one of us can make – with a vision, passion, courage and a belief in possibility. Check out the trailer and the schedule at There’s even a photo of the crazy school bus!

~ Caroline ~